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Let's game

Feeny here, and this is my games blog.

Here you'll find; Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and a few other games I've enjoyed.

FC: 4656-7592-7232

You can also grab me on my main; whimsicott547

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just done cuttles cry again and that was the worse dungeon run just

don’t even get me started

All in favour of getting Guillaime to shut the fuck up say aye


"Salikawood"  2,5x3,5 inch ATC

Final Fantasy 12 // Penelo


if Final Fantasy 15 is a fantasy game then why is it that i, a female character,

Mor Dhona is beutiful

i could not live with myself if i did not make that joke

Just done cuttlers cry

and holy shit it was so fun! the tank was really good, they described everything for me and just great in general.

I ended up getting two commendations but honestly I wish they all went to the tank they deserved it more than me |D

I submitted my application for a free company |D

I’m nervous